Delaware Auto Show

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“Coul Productions made a great event even better! Delaware Auto Show was growing fast and we needed help. Kent came along side our team and became an asset quickly by assisting us in all aspects of the show. The creative ideas, new sponsors Coul Productions sold, and cost savings they found, essentially paid for their services. The following show went extremely smooth without much of the major stress and headaches a large event can put on a company and marketing department. Well worth it!”

-Rob Zlock,

Executive Director 

Delaware Auto Show


In 2013 The Wilmington News-Journal, a Gannett property, brought Coul Productions in to co-produce an existing event, the Delaware Auto Show. The show was successful but taking a toll in terms of human capital. Together we were able to reduce costs and employee hours while increasing revenue and taking the process to the next level.

This is our fourth year with Delaware, their marvelous team and the finest “boutique” auto show in the country – all in the direct shadow of Philadelphia where they said it could not be done!