Mark Halvorsen

Mark Halvorsen

 Mark Halvorsen Portrait
What do you do at Coul Productions?

I work backstage, literally and figuratively. Operations, logistics, finance, administration, production…stuff like that.  If a book needs balancing or a nut needs tightening I’m the one whom usually spots and fulfills the need first.  When it’s “show time” I’m always helping Kent unload the equipment truck.

What’s your background?  How did you get into events?

I’m a lifelong audio guy and terrible musician.  Fortunately, my skills in the area of producing live concerts, plays and musicals overcame my poor musicianship such that I was able to find a place on the roster of all the school, church and civil productions with which I cared to involve myself. The 6th grade talent show, our high school rendition of Hello Dolly, the church Christmas concertos, university concerts and halftime shows found me doing anything from folding chairs to mixing sound.  Professionally, as an adult, I’ve attended, exhibited, or worked some of the biggest trade conventions on the planet!  I love this line of work.

What’s your favorite part of an event?

I love catching some random attendee completely mesmerized by the spiel of some random exhibitor.  Two people finding each other in a moment that would not have happened otherwise.

Bearing witness to that “ah-ha” moment.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m a waterman; surfing, sailing, diving. skiing.  I’m also a private pilot; severe clear, straight and level only, please.

Quick Stats

B.A. Communications  University of Miami, FL


Often heard saying:

Speak up, I’m going deaf.

You gonna’ finish that sandwich?


My Favorite Things:

A cold one on a hot day.

Those I love.

Burning Man.

Very good dogs.



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